Double Vision (consider a second photographer)

Adding a second qualified photographer to document wedding day nuptials is a decision many couples want. The benefit of having this second photographer on board for your wedding day gives you options — lots of options.

The biggest wedding day incentive is allowing the second shooter to photograph the day in multiple locations, simultaneously, such as the bride’s preparations in one suite, while the guys are in another room.

Secondly, having an extra set of eyes on the days’ events allows two interpretations of the day. Every eye, and every member of the “Circle of 8,” sees moments from a different angle. So second photographers allow for more context and depth to the final collection of images. This also allows the primary photographer to take more risks with images because he or she knows the second shooter can also capture the must-have, safe shot, such as a down the center of the aisle during the ceremony. Then the primary photographer can find the more creative moments.

During events such as the ‘first dance’ or the ‘toasts’, it’s great having the second photographer cover the dance (or toast), while the main photographer searches out the best reactions with the parents and other special guests. These emotions always provide a great opportunity to capture unique images.

Increased freedom for the photographer and creativity might simply be the best reasons to have a second photographer. Constantly searching out new and interesting ways to photograph these events keeps it fresh and fun for us, but for you, the benefit is a lifetime of enjoying brilliant and beautiful images. Below is one shot by the second photographer from a choir loft while the lead photographer captured the obvious images of the bride coming down the isle escorted by her father.

The “Circle of 8? photographers are confident in each other’s abilities. We have set aside the typical competition in the marketplace, opting instead to improve the art of photography and ensure our couples have the best moments of their life captured for a lifetime. The “Circle of 8” are photographers with complimentary styles. We vouch for each other because we’re professionals and artists who love to capture the biggest events of life.

Our talent makes us rare. Our camaraderie makes us unique.

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